Asbestos Skip Bins Brisbane


At Asbestos Skip Bins Brisbane we are often asked to supply bins for the safe removal of asbestos. In the past, this has not been a service we provide. As a result of ongoing requests we have decided to partner with Multi Enterprises.

Multi Enterprises have over 30 years of experience in skip bins. They specialize in supplying skips for the transport of asbestos. Their license allows them to transport contaminated and regulated wastes also. They deliver asbestos skip bins 7 days a week by arrangement in the greater Brisbane Region.

Danger - Asbestos Removal

The Do’s & Don’ts when Hiring an Asbestos Skip Bin.

What you CAN put in:

  • Asbestos products & materials i.e fibro roofing & sheeting,
  • Asbestos-contaminated waste ONLY

What you CANNOT put in the Bin

  • NO other general/non-connected waste.
  • There is a special cell for asbestos wastes at the disposal facility.
  • Extra materials may increase the disposal cost (which is recoverable from the Hirer).

The other stuff

  • Asbestos skip hire is up to 7 days hire or can be earlier if requested.
  • A 200um plastic liner is inclusive in the price.
  • On delivery, the driver will double line the skip bin. Allowing enough liner overhang to completely enclose the asbestos within the skip.
  • The Hirer must close & seal the plastic liner, using duct tape to make a strong airtight package.
  • Asbestos removal is a regulated waste. All skips removed from the site will have a waste tracking certificate supplied. This includes the hirer’s details, where it came from and the disposal details.

If in any doubt please feel free to call us and we will be happy to provide help.

Danger - Asbestos Removal
Asbestos Vinyl Flooring

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There is so much information relating to asbestos. We put together this brief overview to help you with your project. 
With our contacts we can recommend a reputable and licenced asbestos removalist. They will professionally remove the asbestos from your property. They’ll load the skip and complete the paperwork on your behalf.

What is asbestos and where is it found?

 Asbestos occurring mineral rock. It is made of fibres so thin that they are invisible to the unaided eye.

Why was asbestos used?

 Asbestos provided a range of benefits like no other single product
  • Strength
  • Weight
  • Fire resistance
  • Insulation

There are two main forms of asbestos: Friable and non-friable?

Non-friable – Bonded in a matrix with other materials within a product. Such as cement, vinyl or other materials  used in households products. especially in older houses. In this form, it is non friable – less likely to break into pieces.
Friable – Unbonded products are those which can be broken under hand pressure. releasing fibres. This form was used as lagging or insulation – in this form it is friable and can give off dust.
Even bonded asbestos can release fibres as it ages. In particular those areas exposed to weathered can degrade.

Asbestos was used in many products such as:

  •  Asbestos cement sheeting is also known as fibro. Super six or super eight) in fencing, roof sheets, ceilings and walls.
  • External guttering and downpipe and vent pipes
  • Backing to electrical switchboards in a black product known as zelemite
  • Vinyl sheeting and vinyl tiles used as flooring
  • Insulations to heater banks, air conditioning ducting and pipes
  • Gaskets to pipes and pipe joins
  • Certain paints will contain asbestos fibres such as Galbestos
  • Mastics and glues behind wall tiles and vinyl
  • Waterproofing in windows
  • Roof tiles

    Asbestos Skip Bins Brisbane – we continue to look for new and innovative ways to service our customers by developing,  and introducing services to meet our growing market.

    Where else can asbestos be identified?
    It pays to be safe when handling asbestos materials. With the rise of DIY renovations there is a need for more education on the topic. For many years asbestos was in a wide range of products. Most people were aware of it in housing as walls sheets and roofing. Even a brick veneer house may have. Asbestos sheets were found in the soffit or in wet areas such as the bathrooms or kitchen areas. Asbestos materials were also used in pool linings, and in the backing of Linoleum. It was also used in insulating electrical components and pipework. Loose fill materials used in roof insulation also contained asbestos. So once again the moral is ‘Be wise, Be Safe & Test. Better to assume it is than run the risk.

    Pictures – Google seach

    One of the best sites I found that has a lot of informative information is the Bernie Banton Foundation.

    Stove Insulation is often Asbestos
    Asbestos Wall Cladding
    Asbestos Insulation