Are you Levy Ready?

Are you Levy Ready?

The Queensland Government has announced the reintroduction of a waste levy in early 2019. The waste management strategy is a long-term goal for achieving waste avoidance and focusing on sustainable consumption. Its objective is to encourage industry investment in innovation and new infrastructure and securing continuous improvement in waste management and resource recovery practices in Queensland.

Since there are so many ways to reduce, reuse and recycle waste, only a small amount of waste needs to end up as landfill. We believe waste disposal should be the last option. We achieve this by managing the types of waste handled in our bins. The benefit of this is that certain waste types once separated may result in a saving to our customers. When the waste levy commences the focus on waste streams, and waste separation will come to the fore. We believe getting people to think about different types of waste will support this transition.

How much will the levy be?

The waste levy will commence at $75 per tonne. In effect for every tonne of waste diverted from landfill should result in a saving to our customers. Separation of some other waste streams will see a reduction in the levy — companies operating resource recovery sites such as BMI Group sort & remove the recyclable wastes from what ends up in a landfill. We expect that these companies will pass on some savings because of this.

How can we help?

Are you levy ready? We all need to work together to ensure that where there is a saving to be made, we can access savings by separating waste into different components. It may not always be possible or practical, and we expect many sites will pay the levy, and move on. For some, we suggest considering whether some waste can be separated i.e concrete, soil etc.

Do you want to be levy ready? Then think about the types of waste you generate to see if there is an opportunity to avoid landfill and access a discount for the effort of separating the waste.

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