Deliver Bins Safely – Where can you place the Skip Bin?

Deliver Bins Safely?

I have been doing skip bin for over 27 years. What hasn’t changed in this time is that we get asked to place bins in locations and places that are challenging. This is often unsafe for the operation of the trucks and put people’s property at risk. We want to deliver bins safely.

We realise it’s challenging to understand what you don’t’ know. Things such as trees, power poles, street signs, low building lines, narrow gateways and essential services lines & pits etc. can be an issue.

People will insist and argue so we go beyond our own guidelines because the customer is always right. When something then happens they want us to pay to rectify or make good the damage. We want to deliver bins safely.

As a guide the dimensions and operation of the trucks,

Exhaust Height: 2.700 metres – 3.200 metres
Arm Height (max): 4.400 metres – 5.400 metres
Truck Widths:  2.300 metres – 2.500 metres
Mirror Widths: 2.700 metres – 3.200 metres

These clearances to not take into account the ability to open a truck door or walk down the side of the truck safely when delivering bins. The clearances also vary according to the size truck and size of bins.

Access & Placement Guidelines – Deliver Bins Safely!

  • We assure you of our care and attention when we enter your property or work site. If there are any issues which may affect our ability to deliver a bin it is the customers responsibility to bring this to our attention.
  • We need one metre of clearance from both sides of our vehicles and adequate overhead clearance to deliver bins safely.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the suitability of the location for placement.
  • It must be a suitable for the location of the skip bin and have clear and easy access for drop off and pick up.
  • The location must also be able to bear the weight of the vehicle and the loaded skip bin.
  • Skips bins are heavy so some movement may occur as we place down and pick up a bin. It is possible that some minor marks may occur on some surfaces.
  • We will endeavour to place a bin in a location under your instruction. If access is difficult and damage occurs (above or below ground) to your property or work site we cannot be responsible read more.
  • Do not move or relocate bins once we have placed them on the ground as we may not be able to retrieve the bin safely. This is often the single main cause of issues on sites.
  • Please ensure access to the bin is available once the bin is ready to pick up.

The Other Stuff Guidelines

  • Do not place regulated waste items into the bin i.e. asbestos, tyres, liquids etc.
  • If you are placing heavy items such as dirt, concrete or bricks in the bin please be aware that larger bins do have weight restrictions.
  • A bin is considered overfull when it can no longer be lifted or carried legally and safely. If you are unsure contact our office or go to our FAQ Page.
  • For more information on loading of heavy waste read the ‘Guidelines for Heavy Materials
  • Overfilling bins is a safety issue. In the event that a bin is overfull, we reserve the right to unload the excess rubbish. If however we are unable to do this within a few minutes we will leave the bin onsite. You will be required to re-book the pickup once the bin meets the guidelines. In some cases you may be charged an additional trip. If you are unsure contact our office.
  • For more detail on our policies relating to the use and care of our bins please refer to our ‘Terms & Conditions of Hire’ & Guidelines Page or have a read of our Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) Page.

Please contact our office if you require any further clarification or need any advice in relation to clearances required to deliver bins safely.