Value for Service



Defining ‘Value for Service’

We often say that we do things differently so how we ‘Define Value for Service’. Firstly, it’s easy to stand out when you do something no one else is doing; a bin is just a bin unless something makes you stand out from the crowd. You can’t just be a little better than other companies; you have to do something different or better than they do. To be successful you must stand out, not just in a good way, you must stand out in the right way! We are different, not in what we do, but in how we do it!

To be in operation for 27 years we know we are doing something right. To provide a service to our customers we need to offer our services at a price that enables us to continue to run and maintain a fleet of trucks and stocks of bins. We also offer employment and pay taxes and meet other financial obligations. Sound financial management allows us to achieve all these outcomes.

Value for Service for 27 Years

A successful long term business of 27 years achieves all these outcomes. The only way to be able to do this is to continue to provide value for the service. Claiming to be the cheapest, the lowest price etc. is fluffery but it’s also making false claims and gives you the customer the wrong impression of what you can expect from a skip bin service. We make claims also but we take this seriously and if we do not meet our claims you have every right to ask us why.

Value for Service means saying YES more often

When we have a request to deliver a bin on the same day we endeavour to say yes. Sometimes it works out and sometimes , it takes a little more effort and then occasionally its next day service. We get excited to be able to provide an outstanding level of service to our customers on any given day, given each days challenges. You may ask why get excited about rubbish? We see our business as a SERVICE business so we get excited about providing a high level of service.

When we do not deliver Service?

If we said we offer great service and we did not deliver then customers have the right to complain to us. We’re confident that we offer a fair average price. We book a number of jobs to ensure we can maintain a high level of service over the long term.

We do not get it right every day. Sometimes drivers are sick, truck tyres are flat, there are accidents on the road. We arrive at a building site and another delivery is taking place. Or one of a million other things we deal with every day.
In spite of this, we hold on to the belief that we deliver or exceed the level of service offered by our competitors. Not one delivery one day,  all deliveries all the time. As many as we can achieve to meet our own expectations.

So here is some Great Reasons Why You Should Call Handybin – BIG BINS Skip Bin Hire when you need a bin for your next clean-up!


We were one of the first companies in Brisbane to introduce door access on a larger range of bin sizes, in particular the lift on-lift off bins. Our well thought-out design means that no ramp is needed to access the bin, making loading easier.


We are available 7 Days for enquiries and to book a bin, and deliver Monday to Saturday.


We provide a SAME DAY, NEXT DAY service (we constantly strive to meet the needs of our customers).


We have the most comprehensive range of skips and bin sizes in Brisbane so we can provide you with the right bin for your job. From 2 – 9 cubic metre Handybins to our range of Big Bins which are available in 12, 15, 20, 25 & 30 metre capacity.


Old fashion friendly, flexible service and advice. We care about you, our customers and are continually looking for ways we can provide additional information & services to meet your needs.


We Keep Our Promises and Do Not Make Promises We Cannot Keep.


Value for money Skip Bin Hire… we offer unmatched service at a realistic price– that’s value for money!


At Skip Bins Brisbane – you can contact us 24/7 viafax, sms, email in addition to being able to contact us by phone during business hours.

Call Us on 3821 6400 to find out how we provide great Service